Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

Is this Multi Level Marketing?

Our program is similar to MLM in some ways in that you can generate significant earnings by referring others, but also differs fundamentally

  • We offer thousands of brand name products at significant savings over retail pricing, not unknown products and brands
  • No Start up Fees
  • No Inventory Requirements
  • No Required Meetings or Calls

If you’re happy with GotBody products, pricing, and service, just tell others about us and give them your referral code. They save money on their first order and you’ll be rewarded for spreading the word. Everyone wins.

You make money on their purchases

The customers you refer save $7 on their first purchase, and are introduced to the exceptional value and service you’ve already experienced as a customer.

The customers they refer enjoy the same benefits

How do the levels work?

There are four levels where you earn a commission of referrals

  • Level 1 – 4%
    • Hand your referral code or email address to as many first time customers as you wish
    • Anyone who enters your referral code or email during checkout earns you a 4% reward – based on their product subtotal.
  • Level 2 – 3%
    • The people you referred hand out their email address or code just like you did
    • Any sale associated with their referral earns you 3%
  • Levels 3&4
    • The process repeats itself two more times with level 3 earning you 2% and level 4 earning you 1%.
    • Combine levels 1-4 and you’re earning a maximum of 10%!

365 Days

  • Any of the above referrals who returns to to make additional purchases within 365 days of their first order will earn you the same reward % as the original amount.
  • It keeps going!
    • After each referral’s 365 days as a customer, you’ll continue to earn 1% on each and every sale at each level (4 levels, 1% each = 4%) for the life of the program!

What is a Subtotal?

  • The order subtotal is the amount of the order after all discounts, but before shipping and tax are calculated.

How do I use my Available Rewards Earnings to shop at

  • Just log in and shop as you normally would. Once you begin checkout, you’ll see any available credits automatically credited against your order.
  • How do I cash out my Earnings?
    • At the end of each calendar month, any account that has over $300 in earnings will automatically be issued a check by mail. Any reward amounts under $300 will be automatically rolled over to the next month.

What does my account show Available, Pending and Cancelled Earnings?

  • Available Credit – Earnings based on transactions that have been completed. These credits can be applied towards purchases or will be automatically cashed out at the end of each month when the Earnings are over $300.
  • Pending Credit – Earnings based on transactions that are pending approval. Typically, transactions are approved after 30 days, when these credits are changed to “Available”.
  • Cancelled Credit – Any orders that were not completed, returned, or fraudulent.
  • Used Credit – Earnings amounts that have either been used as credit while shopping, or paid to the Rewards member with a check.

Do my Rewards Credits expire?

  • Yes, unused credits expire 180 days after the date that they are posted as “Available” in your Rewards account

Is there a limit the amount of Rewards I can earn?

  • No, there is no limit to your earning potential.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer?

  • No, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer or the amount of rewards you can earn.

My email or referral code does not work for some people. Why?

  • The GotBody rewards program can only be used by one customer account per household. Sometimes our system may detect that an account holder is attempting to use an email address or referral code with more than one account and may deny the discount.
  • We don’t do this to punish anyone, but is a necessary safeguard designed to prevent certain individuals or groups from taking advantage of the rewards program in an unfair manner.

What’s the best way to generate referrals?

  • Promoting Online
    • Email your code to friends and family
    • Post your code on your Facebook, MySpace or other social networking pages
    • Create a blog and post your code to it
    • Post on online bulletin boards
  • Promoting Offline
    • Order our printed materials to:
      • Give them out at your gym
      • Hand them to your friends and family
      • Give them out at work
      • Put them up at school, church, club, or other bulletin boards
      • Distribute them in any personal mailings
  • We strongly discourage posting your personal email publicly (use your referral code instead)

Can I use my referral code for my own orders?

  • No. Your code is valid only for first time customers you refer to However, your “Available” rewards can be used towards any purchase.

Why do you need my Social Security Number or Federal Tax ID Number?

  • If you are a US citizen or resident participating in our program, and have earned over $600 in any calendar year, we are required to acquire your Tax ID information for IRS reporting purchases.
  • We will only contact you for this information when you’ve earned more than $600 in Rewards.

Can my Rewards account be closed? Can I lose my credits?

  • Yes. reserves the right to terminate any account and related codes for any reason including but not limited to:
    • Spam (unsolicited email) – Indiscriminate advertising or unsolicited commercial emails is strictly prohibited. Any account receiving a maximum of 3 complaints linked to this behavior is subject to termination, and forfeiture of all accumulated credits.
    • Intentional misuse of the program using 2 or more accounts
    • Codes linked to fraudulent referrals and purchases.