Rewards for Event Directors

As a race director or event organizer, we know you have your hands full. The last thing you need is more work. BUT you’re leaving money on the table and it’s EASY money. In fact, it’s a revenue stream that you’ve never had access to before.

All your athletes are training hard and taking hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of supplements a year. We’re talking about gels, bars, protein powders, vitamins and more. What if you could save them money on everything they buy, while earning a commission EVERY time they made a purchase? What if you could also make a commission every time their friends and family bought supplements too? This REVOLUTIONARY earning system is available to you right now! It’s free, and there really aren’t any catches. It doesn’t get easier than this – Passive, Recurring income!

How does it work?

It’s simple – First – Sign-up and get your own GotBody referral rewards program personal discount code.

Then: Pass on your referral code to the athletes at your events. They’ll save an EXTRA $5 on their first order just by using your code. Email us, and we’ll set you up with a clickable link that you can email to your registrants, post on Facebook, or even give you banners for your website that are tied to YOUR referral code.

That’s it – your work is done and you’re ready to start earning.

When a new GotBody customer enters your referral code at checkout, they’ll save $5 off their first order, and you’ll start earning a 4% commission on every order they place at for a full year!

Sample Banners

It gets better

When they refer their friends, you’ll earn 3% on those purchases too. When those customers refer their friends, you’ll earn 2% on those purchases. And when those people refer their friends, you’ll make 1% on those sales too!

It really adds up

There’s no limit on how many people you can refer or how large your referral base can be! The more people who have your referral code, the more opportunity you’ll have to earn commissions. Earn commission on 4 levels of referrals, and you’ll find that you have more “friends” then you ever knew!

Rewards Keep Adding Up!

After the first year, you’ll continue to earn 1% on all purchases across all four levels of referrals. Your earnings will keep growing!

Use your Rewards – Shop for Free or Cash Out!

Use your Rewards for purchases at when you shop, or we’ll cash you out when you reach $400 in earning (see details). It’s your choice!

How many athletes do you communicate with in a year?
You’ll be amazed how fast your network will grow!

The Referral Rewards program costs nothing. It’s really as simple as it sounds – help save your athletes money on what they’re already buying, and you earn a commission EVERY TIME they (or their referrals) buy anything at

Note: The Rewards program is subject to GotBody Referral Rewards Terms and Conditions, which you should review. By participating in the GotBody Referral Rewards program, you agree to those Terms and Conditions. Please read our Rewards FAQ HERE